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Wickwire Family
  Len Sherwood, Jud Wickwire, Laura and Karen Shewood, Jacob Wickwire, and Irwin St. Hillaire along with some local children in front of the finished Mission House in Baramita.
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It is Finished!

The Baramita Mission house has it's roof and is ready to use.
Construction in Baramita -Structure built - waiting for the roofing material!

The Guyana Team flew in a NRI Dental Team from Canada is on Guyana's Volunteer's page or on facebook NRI page.

Speaking Appointments: Location:
July 23, 2011
         9am Mission Emphasis
July22-31, 2011
        attend BC Campmeeting
British Columbia Campmeeting
Main Auditorium “Mission Emphasis”   
Mountain View Camp & Conference Center,
61855 Hwy 7, Hope, BC V0X 1L0          
Aug 6, 2011
       11am Worship Service
Orchard City SDA Church
1710 Garner Rd, Kelowna, BC V1P 1E5
250-765-6858  Canada
Aug 6, 2011
         7pm, Vespers Service
Rutland SDA Church
130 Gerstmar Road Kelowna BC V1X 4A7
(250) 860-5096  Canada
Aug 14 to 21, 2011
         passing through
Washington and
Oregon as far south as Grants Pass
We wish to add Guyana speaking appointments.
(We hope to present a way for you to find them on a Guyana map.)


    Today is Mother’s Day, and the day we learned that Claudia died.  It seems that most communities have one or more people like Claudia, nearly always drunk and in her case even when sober she was mean. I remember when we first came to Mabaruma, on the property next door there was a rusted out van with trees growing out of the windows, that was Claudia’s home.  She had little interest in food, just some money for “High Wine” or better yet if someone just slipped her a bottle. We have heard that years ago she was a normally functional person but something changed, some say it had something to do with being beaten, we don’t know the truth but she certainly had compromised mental health. Anyone who did try to take care of her was soon treated so badly that Claudia was soon back to being homeless and fending for herself.
  A teenager. Alcoholism is a real problem.

     I last saw Claudia yesterday as I lifted one end of the stretcher into the little community ambulance, I ensured that she was on her side and I could see that she was breathing.  We had been driving back from church and she was laying on the side of the road, honestly part of me didn’t want to stop but I had to, she was laying on her side covered in sand and completely unresponsive, the contents of her small handbag were strewn around her but consisted only of a scattering of split peas and a tiny can of tomato paste.  Still firmly clutched in her hand was a mostly empty one litre bottle of High Wine (over 60% alchohol) and her next social assistance coupon that she would have taken to the Post Office to collect. There was no evidence that she had attempted to protect herself as she fell and when I checked to see if she was breathing I could see the fresh stitches in her forehead from some previous incident. We couldn’t leave her where she was, nor could we take her, I called the clinic and asked if they could send the ambulance over to pick her up, they did but there were no lights or sirens. The driver told me the same thing had happened to her only a few days before; Claudia is a regular at the hospital, until they can’t manage her anymore. This however was to be her last visit and she died later that same day, I don’t know the details of her death, perhaps her body just simply couldn’t hold out any longer.
     Something about her death just really struck me as a tragedy; on one hand perhaps it brings a peaceful end to a shattered life over which she had no control. Did we do anything to make a difference?  We pray that we can show kindness to others, love your neighbor as yourself and perhaps we did some small thing yesterday, if we had driven past she would have just died there on the road. We didn’t save her life, as a matter of fact she never knew we were even there but imagine how we would have felt if we hadn’t listened to that voice that we needed to go back and check on her. May Claudia rest in peace and may each one of us listen for that small voice of Jesus that tells us that we are passing up an opportunity to follow his example.
In His service,

Jud Wickwire