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Alaska Project

  2010 Vacation Bible School Volunteers
Vaction Bible School in Shungnak

For close to ten years Alaska churches Delta Junction and Tok Junction have been doing a summer youth ministry in the native village of Shungnak.  They have developed long term relationships with both children and adults.  These efforts have served to keep over 60 years of Adventist history alive."

Shungnak is a village of some 350 people situated in a picturesque setting on the high banks of the Kobuk River.  It is located about 28 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Northwest Alaska. Adventists started ministry here in the 1960s and have found the village friendly to us.  Clyde Harris donated a small chapel and mission cabin in the late 60s.  Unfortunately the cabin is no longer viable for year-round habitation.  The supporters of the Shungnak Mission Project are raising funding for a replacement house so that a missionary can live here full time.


Vacation Bible School is always an attraction in the rural villages of Alaska where the summer sun doesn't set and life seems slow and boring at times.  What better than to learn the stories of Jesus and make useful crafts.  Like their urban counterparts, these children will grow up spiritually illiterate unless they get a chance to hear the gospel story.



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More than 225 native villages, many of which are not connected to a road system, are nurtured in faith because of aviation. A Cessna 206,a Cherokee 140, and a Cessna 172 Hawk XPII are assigned to provide transportation support services for pastoral care, development work and native ministries. Jim Kincaid, an experienced bush pilot, serves as AWA's Project Manager in Alaska.

Contact information for Alaska VBS - Mike and Fran Hansen: fayhxyz@gmail.com

If you would like to learn more about the Yu’pik people and their culture login to: http://www.yupik.com/yuraq.php