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2011-02 - US Signs (of the Times) - Adventures in Mabaruma         


Watch the new Cessna U206F (N59WA)and the Pathfinder Planefly from village to village.
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A Woman with an Issue of Blood
  The woman, her husband and children.
The most-remote village in our area is called Baramita.  They don't get a lot of help out in that area and so Laura was happy to be able to fly in a team of medical workers from Georgetown into Baramita.  Since there were several on the team, she had to make a couple of shuttles from the closest village, Matthew's Ridge, into Baramita.
    Baramita only has a health hut, and so supplies are limited.  Some people needed medical care that couldn't be provided, even with the team in town, so Laura loaded them up, along with all their babies and flew them out. It would have taken them 12 hours of walking to reach Matthew's Ridge, but Laura was able to fly them there in 12 minutes.
    After she got the team all safely over, she was about to head out to return home, when a man came and asked to "PLEASE" take his wife, Shirley, into town.  She had been bleeding for OVER A MONTH now with an unusual menstrual problem.  Laura asked who all needed to go to town and he responded "Just she, just she".  Laura said she'd be happy to take her and the husband dashed off to get her.  They lived within an hours walk to the airstrip and she was resting in the shade.  When she came, she had with her THREE kids.  For some reason, they don't seem to count the kids when we ask "how many".  Luckily Laura had space and so they all got buckled in and Laura took off.
    When Shirley was feeling better, Laura was able to fly them all back into Baramita.  She was SOOO happy to be going back. Her face was just lit up with joy.  She kept pointing to villages we flew over on the way and saying "is that Baramita?"  Finally, when we did reach Baramita and were just about to land, Laura pointed it out to Shirley and she then asked "how long until we reach?"! 
    She was very happy to get back.  Her husband didn't know that she was coming on the plane that day, but ran out to meet it, just in case.  When he saw her, he ran up to her and gave her a big kiss.  You don't see that too often as they tend to mask their emotions.  It was fun to see!  He thanked Laura profusely for having taken his wife to town and bringing her back.