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 Matthew's Gift


The Need for Transport and Support
Located in northeastern Africa, Sudan’s socio-economic condition has deteriorated during the last five years. Civil war has destroyed any remaining infrastructure including the road system. Despite deplorable conditions, many Sudanese have accepted Jesus as their Lord. Prepared by lay-evangelists, hundreds of Sudanese await baptism. Thousands more wait to hear the Gospel.

Adventist World Aviation has chosen to follow God's leading in developing an air support project for Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) in South Sudan. ADRA is involved in humanitarian activities in Sudan and many other countries.

Prior to the pulling out of the United Nations from Sudan, ADRA staff was able to get air support on UN flights. Since the UN left on January 1, 1999, ADRA has been without air support, and has requested help from AWA.

Adventist World Aviation has selected the Cessna Caravan as the aircraft of choice in this application. A former missionary pilot with more than 1500 hours of Caravan experience has expressed interest in this project. AWA has established a Sudan aircraft fund which must grow to the $1.6 million needed to aquire and deliver the plane to Sudan.