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A Sagpangan Church!

The airbase during rainy season (container near the trees).


 AWA-Philippines Airbase Grows More than Grass!

by Nemy Marcelo (AWA-Philippines Board Member)

  The evangelistic meetings took place every evening.

AWA’s hosting the British Columbia Conference Youth Department, whose missionary volunteers conducted community services and built part of the public school in Sagpangan nearly two years ago, laid a foundation and generated significant good will that is yielding eternal results.  

     Last June, our lay evangelist, Cesar Dizon Jr., (former district pastor in the area) sat down with David and Karen Robinson, Pastor Faigao (current district pastor), and me to plan an evangelistic series in Sagpangan. We assigned five bible workers to visit each home in Sagpangan for about six weeks.

   From August 25 to September 1, 2007 we held nightly evangelistic meetings. Over the course of the meetings, by God’s grace, fifty five precious souls gave their hearts to Jesus and were baptized! The Robinsons’ effort to raise $800 from their church in Eau Claire, MI contributed greatly to the support of the lay missionaries and other expenses during the meetings. 

   The day after the baptism, the new members helped prepare a 600 square meter lot in their neighborhood (not too far from the airstrip) for their own church. We now have most of the building materials for the 5 x 10 meter structure, except for the roofing. 
Fifty-five baptisms resulted from God's Work through the placement of an airbase, the rebuilding of a school by the British Columbia Youth Department, the work of pastors, missionaries, Bible workers, and your donations.  
GI (galvanized iron) sheets cost about $350, which we don’t have, so we are planning to use nipa (thatch) instead.  

   The new members are excited about their faith. Each Sabbath they meet at the school building (that the Canadian team helped build) until their own church is finished. For the new members’ nurture, we have assigned a husband and wife team of Bible workers to disciple them, and we visit them regularly. Edgar (AWA’s airbase caretaker) and his family, experienced church planters themselves, also devote part of their time ministering to the new members.   

   It is so thrilling to witness the impact even an uncompleted airbase has had in the area. We can’t wait to see the airbase finished and look forward to mission flights departing and arriving in support of mission projects around the Province.

   Please remember this new church as you uphold the airbase construction project in prayer.

 The pastor prays for the newly baptized members.  

The Sagpangan Church and grounds.