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History of Project AirPower:
Nearly 3000 volunteers participate in project to reach Guyana's interior!

Project AirPower
AWA's Guyana project, given the name “Project AirPower” at the 1999 Discover the Power camporee in Oshkosh, WI, is a joint venture between the International Pathfinder Clubs and Adventist World Aviation. The project provides Pathfinder Clubs, schools, churches, and individuals an opportunity to be personally involved in missions by volunteering to work on the plane, participating in short-term mission trips, or sponsoring missionaries and equipment.

Dozens of volunteer aircraft mechanics and 465 Pathfinders from 39 clubs representing 6 different countries helped AWA staff refurbish and modify the Cessna 182. Another 2,500 elementary school children from Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin made care packages that were delivered to Amerindian villages. Since 1999 more than 14,000 Bibles have been delivered to the people of Guyana. The aircraft is designed to carry patients, teachers, medical workers, pastors, building materials, food, medicine and other supplies.

Everyone is Invited to Participate
The project is designed to expose youth to service while providing transportation infrastructure to Amerindian missionaries to other tribes. Whether young or old, we encourage you to become partners in God's Mission.

Join us, the project is underway
Purchased in December, 1998 with a grant from ASI, the Cessna Skylane was completely disassembled and inspected, then reassembled and modified to suit bush operations. It was delivered to Guyana on December 5, 1999. After two years in Guyana the plane was brought back for further maintenance, crew training and public relations. The Guyana team visited Pathfinder Camporees, conducted mission aviation emphasis weekends in local churches and participated in Camp Meetings across North America. Hundreds of Pathfinders and other supporters had a chance to ride in their own mission plane! 

The Pathfinder plane was returned to service in Guyana in March 2006 thanks to a Versafund grant. To follow God's activity check out the missionary pages below and monthly issues of Flight Log located under the Publications page.

If your Pathfinder club would like to have a part in this historic ministry, please contact AWA.