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Working in God's Field


  Clif Brooks (left, front) and Chris and Amy Borcherding (middle, behind sign) pose with the medical missionary team.  


Working in God's Field!
by Chris Borcherding


    February 7, 2008 - 4:00 Thursday Afternoon: Amy’s parents in their van towing our motorcycle, and we in our Jeep, drive away from the Blackwell-Tonkawa airport. We have finished moving out of our home of the last two years, and we are on our way.

    February 10: We leave Minneapolis, MN.  It’s 12 degrees Farenheit below zero.
10:45 pm Central Time: Almost everyone around me is sleeping. It’s between 1:45 and 3:45 pm somewhere over the Pacific in a 747-400 jumbo jet. Amy, too, has succumbed to drowsiness. We have somehow missed a night’s sleep in the last three days as we have finished up business in the US for the short-term. I imagine we have already crossed the international dateline and that it is now Monday afternoon. Time is a funny thing.


Chris Borcherding, Clif Brooks, and Ed Brennan finish refuling the plane.  
    February 11: After a stop in Tokyo, we arrive in Manila at 10:30 pm local time, an hour early.  It’s 83 degrees above zero. We go through our checkpoints without a hitch and are out front looking  for Clif in no time. 


    February 13: Amy flies with Christine to Palawan for a week with Cyndi and the girls while Ed, Clif, and I drive over to the hangar and begin training for flight operations here in Manila. Ed gets his first experience flying a Cessna 182. I think he enjoyed it.
  Clif Brooks and Chris Borcherding work on the project plane's annual inspection.

    February Intermixed with aviation training, Ed and I have gotten our Filipino driver’s licenses and National Bureau of Investigation security clearance so that we can more easily get into the Manila airport to work on the airplane. 


    February 25: Despite the overcast skies and rain, this is truly a beautiful country with beautiful people. It is dry season here, and, from what I’m told, rain like we’ve been experiencing is way outside the norm. During the week of unimproved weather, we work on maintenance and the annual inspection of the airplane. 



Clif and Chris pack AWA's Cessna 182 with Bibles and study guides for the trip to Palanan.  

    March 6: Clif and I fly 100 Bibles up north to the village of Palanan with a load of study materials for an upcoming evangelistic series. 



  AWA’s N58636 Cessna 182 on Cagayancillo’s coral and grass landing strip. 

   March 11: We fly a pastor and his family 1.5 hours east over the open Sulu Sea to a small island named Cagayancillo. The grass and crushed coral runway is on the southernmost portion of this little island and extends from the western cliffs to the beach on the east side. The view is spectacular. We spend the night in the village and return to Manila via Puerto Princessa the next day.

    March 13: Clif and I fly two hours northeast of Manila over
A make-shift pressure fuel pump.  
the mountains to Cauayan, Isabela Province where I stage and he flies the delivery of 12 laymen who are holding the Bible studies in Palanan. 

    March 19: Clif, Amy, and I fly to Cauayan where Clif transports college students in to Palanan, also to conduct Bible studies. Five flights get us started on Sunday. The Cauayan airport is only open from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm, and flights are restricted to normal operating hours. It rains on one side of the mountain or the other nearly every day, so it takes more than a week to fly the 37 students over the mountain with all of their gear. Clif does the flying and Amy and I brief, weigh, fuel, and prepare loads for the trips.

The plane can only take you so far. The medical team and the AWA Philippine Project team hike into one of the villages.  

     April 8: Back to Cauayan to fly a medical team from Cagayan Valley Sanitarium into the region. We hope to accompany them as they work in the five villages where the Bible workers are. We’re excited about this and look forward to learning from this team some of the more practical things we can do in village settings. It takes five flights to get the medical team of ten, the three of us, and all the gear in.




Chris and Amy Borcherding board a Banca.  
  April 10: We and the medical team take bancas (long engine driven flat bottom canoes with outriggers) to the village of San Isidro. It is a white sand beach on the Pacific Ocean, 40 minutes by banca from the nearest town. The medical team performs circumcisions on quite a few young boys in the village as well as other minor surgeries and checkups. The evening ends with me being asked to give a devotional thought for the group.

  As the medical team physician watches, apprentice surgeons,Chris Borcherding and Clif Brooks learn how to perform circumcisions.

    April 11:  A big day for Clif and me. We all move inland to the village of Maligaya, and Clif and I are given the opportunity to learn from the medical team and perform our first circumcisions.


    April 17: We and a family from Maligaya load into the Brooks’ vehicle, (we leave

Little Kevin  
the airplane in Cauayan) and begin our nine hour drive back to the Manila area. The family is coming with an order for their son to have his knee repaired. Little Kevin had an unsuccessful surgery over a year ago, and now, thanks to the medical team and brother Job, who organized this outreach, he is going to the Manila sanitarium for a surgery that will hopefully let him run and jump like a little boy should. 
Dr. Jimenez viewing Kevin's old x-ray as mom and little brother wait.  

    Today: We look forward to returning to Palanan within a week for another medical outreach.  I have to say the last one has been the highlight thus far for me, and we look forward to the next.  Jesus met the people’s physical needs, freeing them to see their spiritual needs so he could meet them too. I believe He works the same way today.