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VanFossen Family


 Watch the new Cessna U206F (N59WA) and the Pathfinder plane work in Guyana.
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Adventist World Aviation missionaries, the VanFossens are living in Mabaruma, Guyana, South America as of June 21, 2011, to facilitate the development of a newly constructed hospital, and through that venue share the culture of Jesus Christ. Greg is a Pilot/Nurse Practitioner and Chrystal is a Medical Technologist/ Biologist/Home Schooling mom. Brandon and Serena are working with their parents in their new adventure and sharing Jesus with everyone they meet.

July 25, 2011

       I haven't forgotten everyone since leaving for Guyana. It’s just that lightning struck the modem just before we got here. They thought they'd have it fixed when we got to Mabaruma because we were taking parts with us. But once we got into Mabaruma Bill Labore couldn't get things to work and the internet people said they wanted to update their system and it would be a week. Now 4 weeks later the internet provider is till waiting to update their system and we are still without internet in the interior. Right now we're in Georgetown taking care of paperwork. Greg hit the ground running and Jud checked him out in several airstrips before he left. Greg had to have 25 hours in country flying before he could fly on his own. That took him about 2 weeks to get and now he's on his own.
Brandon hanging laundry.
VanFossens, at present, are living in the Wickwire home. Serena with the Mosquito Zapper.

    We are looking for a house in Mabaruma. We understand there are 3 to look at.  We looked at one.  We will take the keys to one when we leave Georgetown, and while here we got a call from someone who said they had a house we could rent so when we get back we'll have to go look at that one too. With only 3 options it'll be easier to make a decision. Not like in the states where there are lots to choose from.
Chrystal invited Shyra, a friend of LaBore's to teach her some cooking methods.  
I'm learning to cook Guyanese food with some success. Clapping the Roti made my teacher laugh. “Roti” is a flat bread that is fried as you are frying it little bubbles form. When its done you set the bread aside for a little to cool then you toss it up like your doing pizza crust and clap it. This breaks it up a little making it "flakey".  The last time I made it I just needed to roll it a little thinner and it would've been right.

     Greg flew out a guy who was unconscious yesterday, he fell off a truck. He has also flown out a gun shot wound to the neck and a kid who cut his hand. I felt bad for the kid. His mom couldn't go with him because there wasn't enough room in the plane. He was riding right seat and before Greg left the poor kid was visibly shaking. If you think about it the kid had probably never been in anything going faster than 35 miles an hour. Now he was going to be flying above the jungle and with a bunch of strangers. Greg said the kid was shaking most of the 1hr and 10 min flight. I remember the 1st time Greg took me up in a four seater, the plane rattles and bounces around it does make one contemplate how safe the whole thing is. :)

  Greg flying the little boy and a baby with respitory problems to Georgetown.

      We are doing well, we haven't gotten sick and I'll try to post more once we get internet back whenever that is. Note: This note came from Facebook.


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