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Heritage Academy from the air.

Training the Next Generation of Mission Aviators at Heritage Academy, TN

. . . equiping young people with the tools necessary to reach the most
remote regions of the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Medical Missionary Pilot Program/AWA-TN Brochure (please read)

Sam Miller, his wife, and children
Insturctor, Sam Miller:
     13 years Commercial Aviation Industry
     Chief Pilot 
     6500 hrs Flight Time  
     Airline and Corporate Flight Experience
     Corporate Professionalism

    Ground School
    FAA Written Exam
    Solo Flight
    Private Pilot Flight Test  

Graduate with Commercial pilot single-engine land license
and Instrument rating (with completion of all tests and requirements)
Other courses:
     First Aid
     Bible Work

For more information on the program or application please contact:
Sam Miller:
Phone: (931)839-6675 or
E-mail: sammiller@heritagetn.org




Sam Miller, flight instructor, flying the AWA-TN plane above the academy. The classroom in the sky, AWA-TN's Cessna 150.

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