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Showcase of Volunteers: More pictures of Volunteers coming!

November 2010: New Reality International Dental team waiting to go to one of the villages on a river: Anthony Berdan, Jonathan Visscher, Shannon Robinson, Laila and Joel Mickelwait, and Mandy Mortensen.   Volunteers from the United States, Travis, Len Sherwood, Lori and Irwin and the Wickwires and villagers of Baramita raise a mission house. It will house Bible and health workers that will impact the village for God's Kingdom!   April 2011: New Reality International Dental Team is back and working in villages along the river.
NRI Nov. 2010 Outreach    Baramita Mission House    NRI Apr. 2011 Outreach

Irwin St. Hillaire-Short-term Volunteer - more to come!
  An inspection of the entire plane is reqired annually along with 100 hr and 50 hr inspections. Len Sherwood and Keith Swartz fly to Guyana to service the planes. They replaced the engine on the Cessna 206 in the Fall of 2010 and went back again to do the annual in May of this year.    
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