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LaBore Family
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Name: William  James LaBore
Title: Project Manager

Background: Bill grew up in Sauk Rapids, MN and attended St. Cloud State University where he graduated in 1987 with a BS degree in Photographic Engineering Technology. After graduation, he accepted a management position in a full service Telemarketing firm where he managed a team ranging in size from 30-40 Telephone Service Representatives for two years. From there, he moved on to selling self-study computer training products for four years and was promoted to managing and motivating a group of five Training Consultants. Bill found Jesus and was baptised into the Seventh-day Adventist church in July of 1994. After taking part in a church building project in Mexico, he was hooked on the idea of overseas missions. Bill has served the church as a Bible Worker, Sabbath School Teacher & Superintendent, Church Board Member and Elder. Presently, Bill is focusing on developing the Guyana project full-time. The strengths he brings to Project Airpower include leadership abilities, management experience, problem-solving skills, technical experience and administrative expertise.

Name: Laura Kristine LaBore
Title: Pilot/Mechanic, Registered Nurse

Background: Up to the time Laura was nine years old, she lived in Bolivia and Peru where her parents volunteered to serve as missionaries. Laura graduated from Pacific Union College in 1984 with a BS Degree in Nursing. She has worked in various fields of nursing but her favorite experiences include volunteering in countries such as Nepal, Mexico and the Micronesia Islands. Laura received her Private Pilot license in 1997. She graduated from Southwestern Michigan College in Dowagiac, MI with an Airframe & Powerplant (Airplane Mechanic) license in May 2002.  Laura is both IFR and Commercial rated with over 1,000 hours of flight experience.

Name: Danielle Lynn LaBore
Title: Mission Pilot in Training

Background: Danielle is 8 years old as of 1/11/11!  She has solid skills in relationship building and easily makes friends wherever she goes.  She enjoys homeschooling (most days) and is learning a lot.  She is already at a third grade level!  Dani is also becoming quite a chef as she helps mommy in the kitchen.  Her specialty is "fried garlic with chicken seasoning cubes".  She is proficient in bike riding skills and, while on our 2011 furlough, began learning how to ski!.  True to her age, she manages to scrape a knee or develop a new booboo on almost a daily basis.  All in all, she's a "keeper" and a great addition to our team.

Name: Micah William LaBore
Title: Mission Pilot in Training

Background: Micah turned 5 in July 2010.  He is our little talker!  It begins in the morning and ends when he goes to bed at night.  He LOVES animals of all types.  His favorites are cats (both small like house cats and big like Jaguars!), parrots and tadpoles.  He is showing some artistic abilities in drawing and working with clay.  He has a little ways to go in his bike riding skills but is making progress.  He too manages to develop new booboos on a daily basis.  However, it's been said that "it doesn't matter how many times you fall, it's how many times you get back up again that counts".  He's our little teddy bear and we are glad that God has blessed us with his presence in our family.