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Summer Camps
  An Aerial view of Wewoka Woods Camp, Oklahoma.
  The campers receiving instruction from Ed Robinson, Brigade Air.
  Ed Robinson teaches Mission Aviation campers how to plot a course on a sectional chart.
  Mission Aviation Campers.
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2008 Mission Aviation
Summer Camp,
Wewoka Woods,


by Dave Pearson, Director of Development

As the Director of Develop- ment, part of my task is to keep one eye on the future of our ministry.  Discussion with other mission organizations has indicated that the greatest need is for people:   people who are willing to go and do the work of completing the Great Commission.  That has been the experience of AWA as well.  We currently have a dozen requests for our services in other countries.

    These discussions have led to the idea of focusing on a younger group and beginning to build a pool of youth who have the vision of what God’s plan is for their lives.   

    Brigade Air, Inc. has helped AWA in the past at the Oshkosh Pathfinder Camporee.

    Bob Holbrook, youth director of the Oklahoma Conference, shares this same dream. He spent years in South America as a missionary and saw first hand the importance of aviation support in getting the job done.

     Last summer we began negotiations with both Bruce Wolff, of Brigade Air, and Bob Holbrook about holding a Mission Aviation Summer Camp.  This led to the development of the first-ever AWA Mission Aviation Summer Camp at Camp Wewoka Woods.

    The AWA Mission Aviation Summer Camp ran June 21- 29, 2008.  There was an air of excitement as campers registered at the Wewoka Woods gymnasium. The weather for the week was an answer to prayer. The previous week had clouds, storms and heavy rains. Sunday the 21st dawned bright and clear, and the weather all week allowed flight time every day.

     Sunday evening there was time for a quick trip over to the Seminole, Oklahoma, airport to get a look at the AWA 182 that would be the airborne classroom for the week.  Ed Robinson, instructor from Brigade Air, and I gave the campers their first instruction with a complete preflight inspection and discussion of how and why each part was inspected. 

       Special thanks should be given to the Seminol e Airport for providing classroom space and the hospitality of a big OK welcome to the AWA Mission Aviation Summer Camp program.

      The Brigade Air curriculum gave each camper a good mix of ground school and actual in-flight observation of the Mission Aviation aircraft in operation. At the end of the week, each student came away with a new appreciation of what an aircraft can do.  Each camper received a certificate at the final evening camp counsel program.  A couple of the campers said they would like to come and do the program again next year.  The interest exhibited by the other campers at Wewoka Woods 

  Mission Aviation Campers conduct their first pre-flight inspection.
  Dave Pearson domonstrates pre-start checklist.
  Then they fly! . . . One camper takes a turn at the control yoke.
  And yes, they need more fuel for another flight!
indicates the Mission Aviation Summer Camp was a hit and should definitely be an annual event. 

    Who knows, maybe one of the campers will someday take his or her place at the controls of one of God’s aircraft and take up the task of the Great Commission.