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2009 The trip to Basco, Batanes Islands
Location of Batanes Islands

Read the first mission story on the Batannes Islands:

Learn more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batanes
Language and culture: http://iloko.tripod.com/Ivatan.htm

Loading up the airplane for our trip to Basco with PFM missionaries.

The two young ladies are PFM missionaries on the way to Basco Batanes.

The PFM missionaries are relacing the ones that are on their way back.

The one holding the door is Cam the area coordinator for PFM.

Finally on the ramp and getting ready to go up to Basco, Batannes.

Everyone is starting to get excited as we near our take-off time.

Bhing is settling in for the nearly 4 hour flight to Basco

These are the mountains over Northern Luzon, we are at 10,000ft

As you can see these mountains appear pretty close but they are not

We had a little bit of cloud cover on way up, fortunately we are IFR

Other places we had some beautiful skies

As you can see the plane was packed pretty good

My Co-Pilot is Namsing, a student at Adventist University of the Philippines

Ed trying to get a picture of himself on this trip

These mountains off to our right are almost 9,000 ft as we fly in a valley

We did pass a few islands on our way up to Batannes

We are finally on our descent into Basco

The island is where Basco is located is really pretty

The water up here is a really nice color

You can see the mountian in the background that the runway heads toward
One of the duties of the mission pilot. Somehow it was easier in the States

The terminal at Basco, not exactly JFK

I think they are excited to be here

This is of course our local transportation for getting fuel