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2009 Trip to Cagayancillo Island
Location of Islands

Websites: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cagayancillo%2C_Palawan

Read the 2005 Mission Story of AWA's mission to this tiny island:

The pastor and his family whose district is in Cagayancillo

The ever necessary passenger briefing

Everyone is loaded and we are getting ready to go

As we are making our approach you can just barely make out the runway

We made a low approach to clear the runway of living creatures

Finally on the ground and taxiing back to the "ramp"

As you can see this island is a lush tropical jungle, you don't see this in the U.S. beside the runway

Time to get everything unloaded and prep the airplane for the flight back

We have an upgrade in transportation here, 4 wheels!

Everyone was excited that the pastor made it back

We had a lot of help to get the plane unloaded

There is always a crowd around when the airplane arrives

Everything is unloaded so let us go see the church

Here is the local church of Cagayancillo

A beautiful church set in a tropical background

There are always a lot of little kids around to help out

This is the inside of the church

The church was just dedicated in March of 2009

This is the local school

Some of the children

Back to the airplane now, it is time to go back home