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2009 Trip to Cuyo Island-Sulu Sea
Location of Cuyo Island


Picture of the group of islands:

The CUYO ISLANDS, are a world unto themselves, consisting of 45 tiny islands, they are really in the middle of nowhere, situated 17 hours from Puerto Princesa by ferry, even the main island CUYO does not have any resorts.

Here is a pretty approach into Cuyo

The gangs all here

Here is Pastor Mangiliman from the NPUC with Rose

Pastor Gayoba joins the group also from NPUC

Now Merilyn is with us

The passengers are preparing for departure

Ed briefs them on emergancy procedures

Now they are loaded it is time to get going

A runway in the middle of a jungle, this should be fun!

That looks more like a runway

I think we can get this one in there short.

N58636 next to the "Terminal".

The local staff on Cuyo Island.

Welcome to Cuyo airport! 

This is Island View Adventist School

The dormitory

These are the children that go to the school

This young man is reciting scripture for us

Here is the kitchen.

The staff of the school with Ed.

The towns people with the mayor.

Somebody decided that Ed should be in the picture.

The one in the dark blue shirt is Pastor Fiago, director of Palawan Missions.

Here is a close up of the school sign.

Here is the courtyard

Please have your boarding passes ready!