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2009 Mapun Island
Location of Tawi Tawi Province and Mapun Islands 
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Ceasar posing with N58636.

Miguel joins Ceasar.

Marian joins the group as the three get ready to go to Mapun.

Starting our approach into the airport, anyone see a runway around here?

Now we see a runway, good thing cause we are getting low to the ground.

Looking better all the time, believe it or not this is an Air Force runway.

You can actually see a runway end marker.

The kids had a welcoming parade for the returning missionaries.

We even had a military escort.

These are Muslim childdren going to an Adventist School.

The Mapun Adventist Academy.

The name of the school, "Tawi Tawi Academy".

View from the parade grounds.

Look closely these are basic plastic chairs with a desk top added to make a desk.

The school's one and only microscope, it was donated in the 70's

One of the classrooms.

View from the back of the classroom.

Some things never change, anyone remember their Periodic table?

Another class room, this one just has benches and tables.

The road back to the airplane through the coconut trees.