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2. Paper Pilot

The Mission--Paper Pilot

I. Participants are divided up into Aircraft companies.
        i. Develop a company name and logo
       ii. Draw out the logo

II. Develop a paper glider to be hand launched under no other power.
        i. Built for distance, endurance, and accuracy

III. Develop the team—Choose a Manager, Manufacturer, and test pilot

IV.  Practice Launch

V. Launch

VI. Your TEAM Mission is to create a paper airplane that can fly far (distance), stay in the air a long time (endurance), and fly straight (accuracy). You can create an airplane using your own design or follow instructions from a handout. Remember you can only use one final design for all three areas (distance, endurance, and accuracy). Each Company plane is scored on a competition Score sheet.

Instructors, Alex and Alexander Vaz, explain the mission.
Instructors hand out supplies.
 The Four Forces of Flight, Can you name them?
One team developes their company name and logo.
 One manufacturer begins the process of building the aircraft.
New teams gather to begin the class.
Two targets stand ready for the accuracy test.
 Pilots ready their aircraft for testing.
 Plane tested in the center stays true, visible just below the top of the target.
 Team members are choosen for their particular offices.
 Teams work together to develop their company and aircraft.
 Teams prepare for testing their aircraft.
 A new group begins the process.
 Last minute instructions.
Preparation for flight.
 Company logos adorn the table and stand for inspiration for the next crews.
 The class took place later in a hanger at the back of the museum.
 Detail of picture above.