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3. Houston . . . We May Have an Omlete!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to work with a partner to design and
build a reentry vehicle that will protect your eggstronaut from the perils of re-entry.

  • The Eggsstronaut must stay in its spacesuit (sealed in the bag) at all times. No materials can go inside your Eggstronaut's space suit. Materials can go on the outside of your Eggstronaut's spacesuit.
  • You do not have to use all of the materials in your bag. Extra materials will be returned to the front table. You may not use anyone else's extra materials.
  • Parachutes, wings flaps helicopters, etc. are allowed. Think SpaceShip One and drag.

  • You have to complete your vehicle in the time given.
  • Use quiet (inside) voices while working.
  • Your re-entry vehilcle will be dropped from the 2nd floor balcony.
Pathfinders pick up their packets to begin the process.
AWA Volunteer staff instructs the teams to get their supplies.
They open their packets to organize the supplies to get an idea of what they have to design the vehicle with.
Filling in the design paperwork.
Design teams at work.
Many decisions to make working on a new design.
Okay, what comes next.
What do we do with this?
"Do we have everything--straws, plastic bag, egg?"
Each team works together to get the job done.
"Do we have it all in there?"
Almost finished!
Just position this stick.
The AWA staff waits for the designs to be finished for the next step!
Design accomplished. Ready to launch!  
This is how the second part works.
Getting ready to drop the vehicle with its Eggstronaut.
Time to drop it! Let's see if it works.
Did it survive?
Each team carefully inspects its Eggstronaut. What does it look like?
 Another set of teams begin the process.
 Carefully designing their vehicle.
 Filling out the design sheets.
 I think one team is ready.
Okay! Time to launch.
Their vehicle before the launch.
 Opps! We didn't get that last shot! Do you have it? Send it in to info@flyawa.org.
 (We are trying to put together a video of one of the drops.)