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The Command Center for AWA

AWA was blessed by Illinois Rangers Support Foundation, they provided camping equipment and two large dining tents that were used for AWA headquarters for the Camporee.
Illinois Rangers Support Foundation made it easy to house the missionaries and all our staff coming from all over the country.
 Layle Ceasear, Professor at Andrews University, gave our morning worships along with greeting people at the AWA booth with Trudi Starlin.
 Everyone loved his rousing morning worships. 
 Dinners were relaxed with wonderful food.
Breakfasts had to be eaten quickly if you didn't get up. Lunches had to be packed before you left for the day, since there wasn't lunch breaks for volunteers.
Dinner was the time for getting to know each other. Fletcher Grahn, cook for the night, Robert Nelson, with several of the students from the Andrews University Flight School chat over dinner.
Bob Buckholtz (left) and Don Starlin (right) talk with teachers from the Andrews University Airpark.
 Renee Orozco (student), Paige Your (student), Deana Simmons, Andrews Airpark Director, and Rita Damon converse after dinner.