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2009 Sagpangan Medical Outreach

The barangay hall we used for the medical outreach

Unloading supplies for the outreach

Merilyn getting things setup

This outreach was provided in conjunction with the Palawan Adventist Hospital.

Before the crowds

Some of them were waiting in the stands.

Even the pharmacist got involved.

Even little Ann got involved. She is the daughter of our Airbase Caretaker, Edgar and Reylene.

People came early and jumped right in to help.

Ed doing what he does best, talking!

Dr. Miraflores was one of the volunteers that helped us out.

We even had a pediatrician join in the work.

Blood pressure checks were part of the services offered.

It was not long before we had a big crowd.

The nurses screened over 150 patients to be seen by the doctors.

The patients were checked and sent back to the doctors as they became available.

Dr. Maypa also volunteered his services.

From right to left in the back, Reylene, Edgar, and Christine, all helping the Pharmacist.
The pharmacy table was well stocked but was almost empty when we were done for the day.
Most of the pharmacy supplies were for the children.

Mayor Adair, far right, was one of the main organizers and jumped in to lend a helping hand at many locations.

The crowd kept growing even as the team was working.

The doctors remained busy all day.

The residents were very grateful for the services from the team.

The mayor was involved throughout the entire day.

Dr. Martin anchored the team.

The hall remained full for most of the day.

Old and young alike were seen, sometimes they were seen together.

Charmaine got into the act early and anchored the front of the line.

Charmaine kept the lines organized and kept things moving.

The Pharmacy table got busy very quickly even as the Mayor and Dr. Miraflores helped.

It became very crowded at one point but everyone seem very patient.

The outside was just as busy.

Brother Nemy and Dr. Docto even got into the act.

The pickup stayed busy running people back and forth.

Charmaine Bell always kept a smiling face for the visitors. Charmiane kept the front desk running smoothly along with Cecile.

Merilyn even manned the microphone to keep things organized.

Merilyn of course had things for the children and became very popular.

The kids soon lined up for the treats.

The give aways lasted for most of the crowd.

The kids there could steal your heart very quickly.

We were also very fortunate to have a dentist from town volunteer his services as well.