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Financial Investments

Why Partner with AWA?

The Fact… 
         Of the 2.75 billion people who have never heard the good news of Christ, 800 million
         can only be reached by airplane.  AWA Summary of Facts---Supporting documents from 
         Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF): Key StatsOverview-AbridgedReference Documents
The Calling…  
         Then I saw another angel flying directly overhead with the eternal good news to proclaim to those who dwell
         on earth, to every nation and tribe and language and people. (Revelation. 14:6)
The Answer…  
         For over 16 years AWA has served like an angel reaching the unreachable through the airplane.
         AWA is meeting physical needs, bringing a message of hope and laying a foundation for the future.  
The Result…  
         AWA has reached and directly impacted over 43,000 lives by building an air bridge.
         A bridge from Disease, Despair and Death to Health, Hope and Life. 
The Need… 
         Many air bridges are yet to be built. Every $25 invested will directly impact one life. Let’s build an air bridge
         together.  How many lives would you like to impact?


Those interested in:

  • Supplying Project or Missionary Specific Needs: VBS materials, Clothing, School materials, tools, equipment, parts and more. Check the project pages, missionary newsletters or Flight Log for specifiic needs or email one of our missionaries directly. Email addresses are on each family's staff page. (Roll your curser over the "What We Do" tab above and click on Missionaries, the missionaries webpage links are beside their pictures. Then, Email addresses are on the left of their webpage.)

  • Volunteers: Long-term, Short-term, Specific Project  

  • Missionary Logistical Partners

  • Financial Partners:
              By Check: mail to Adventist World Aviation, P. O. Box 251, Berrien Springs, MI 49103-0251. 
              By Credit Card: http://www.flyawa.org/article.php?id=426 or Call 269-473-0135
              By Planned Giving: 269-473-0135 
              By Gifts In-Kind: Planes, Stocks, Bonds, and etc.:  269-473-0135

For further information you may call (269) 473-0135 or send E-mail enquiries to info@flyawa.org. Adventist World Aviation is a 501 (c) 3 entity authorized to issue tax-deductible receipts or letters.