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8. EAA Operation Aviation with AWA -OPVA
Plan and fly a simulated earthquake disaster-relief mission with AWA.  
(Need to be 15 years of age or older)

Class begins with instructions from one of our volunteers, a flight instructor from the Andrews University Airpark.
 Each team receives a packet of materials.
This course needs many instructors to help on a one to one basis, and they were prepared.
 The instructors watched intently as the Pathfinders and leaders started to work through the course.
 At different stages of the course instructions again were given.
 Personal attention is the key to every group accomplishing their task.
 Taking some time between the courses to brush up on a flight simulator.
 One of the maps and instruments used in the course.
Working together to map a route of rescue and hit their destinations is crucial.
 Its about team work to reach your destination.
 Andrews Airpark personnel, Deana Simmons, and Renee Orozco, work with one of the teams.
 Andrews University Airpark flight instructors and students help the rescue groups accomplish their task.

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