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EAA Museum
This wonderful place houses the history of aviation. There were full sized planes of every era right down to the first planes. If you ever  get to Oshkosh visit the museum.

Most of the Aviation classes took place in the museum. It had classrooms and hangar space all set up.
  • The wing rib in the shop classroom. 
  • The Operation Aviation room housed two different classes--EAA Formation Flight with AWA, and the EAA Operation Aviation with AWA--(rescue class) made possible with the Microsoft Flight Simulator software and computer room.  
  • And flight simulators.
  • Paper pilots took one of the hangars while Houston We May Have an Omlet took another one.

Thank you EAA for your help in staging this wonderful program.

One of the EAA Museum hangars was the place to hold the "Houston We May Have an Omlet" class. The class needed a venue where they had a second story to drop the eggstronaut from. This hangar had a second level with a staircase--Perfect!
Pathfinders were greeted and helped at the entrance of the museum. Rita Damon (white AWA shirt) was one of the volunteers stationed there to give Pathfinders directions and make sure they had registered for the classes.
Rita shows a pathfinder leader her pin collection.
One of the walls in the museum was decorated with propellors from every aviation era. Some were massive.
 The entrance to one of the hangars.
The local school corporation shared their busses with the Pathfinders and they were the transportation to the museum, unless you wanted to walk.