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2010 Tatay Medical Outreach

Jackie Laplana setting up the pharmacy

Merilyn setting up the screening station

Dr. Maypa, Char, and Dr. Imperio waiting to get started

The line starts to form for the dentist, Dr. Imperio

Dr. Maypa is ready to get started

Patients waiting to see the dentist

Dr. Imperio starts on his first patient

One of the children that came to the outreach

The pharmacy is ready to go

Merilyn starts screening patients

The doctor gets his first patient

The pharmacy gets the first patient

Dr. Imperio at work

The school where the outreach was held

The crowd starts to form

Another one of the children

The dental station starts to get a little crowded

Dr. Maypa is staying busy

Dr. Maypa observes Dr. Imperio

Dr. Imperio hard at work

Merilyn ends up with a big crowd

The doctor during consult

Dr. Maypa performs a ligation

Pastor Rey during a counsel session

Pastor Andoy on the island of Kalapa

Some of the children on the island

Merilyn screening patients under a mango tree

Big crowds formed

Dr. Maypa and Jackie Laplana also set up under the mango tree

Dr. Imperio set up near an outdoor stage

The school near we set up

A nice ten commandment monument

They conducted baptisms on the beach

There were 20 baptisms that day

The prayer on the beach after the baptism

The church on the island

The crowds kept getting bigger

The crowd was actually surrounding Merilyn at one point

Junie, the other RN, was busy helping the dentist all day

As the afternoon wained the crowd started to recede

The church was hosting the district fellowship

Looking out over the Lagoon of the island

The team waiting to catch the boat back

The sidewalk that goes through the little village

The boat ride back, bankas in formation!