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Berrien Springs, Michigan
On July 17, 2008, history and the future converged when AWA and Andrews University Aeronautics Department hosted Jeff Turcotte, two Moody Aviation graduates and the Spokane Turbine Center’s Kodiak Serial Number 1. Approximately one hundred mission aviation supporters came out during work hours to see the future of missionary aviation.

Twenty-four passengers went flying in the aircraft. Many were not only amazed at its demonstrated short-field and climb performance, but at how quiet it is compared to the smaller airplanes currently in use.

Several AU students and staff took advantage of the flight experience. Ed Brennan, AWA Philippines Project Manager, became the first AWA Pilot to log dual instruction in the Kodiak.

AWA President, Don Starlin, speaks with one of the participants as Spokane Turbine Center spokesman introduces others to the Kodiak.
AWA's missionary-in-training, Ed Brennan, prepares for takeoff in the co-pilot's seat.
Everyone was able to get a close-up view of the inside of the Kodiak!
Anyone for a ride? Climb aboard!
The Spokane Turbine Center, Kodiak crew stops for a moment with AWA's president Don Starlin.
AWA's missionary-in-training, Fletcher Grahn, signs up to take a ride in the Kodiak.
People were checking AWA's booth to catch the latest news!
Getting ready to fly!