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2010 Sagpangan Medical Outreach and Crusade

Advertising the Outreach using the AWA pickup

Getting The tarps set up

Testing the Speakers. All systems go!

The medical Outreach

Dr. Maypa is ready

Dr. Jeffey is also ready

Jackie Laplana is setting up the Pharmacy

Reylene and Erryl check the patients in

Merilyn and Jasper discuss a patients case

The crowd is lining up

Some of the crowd decide to take a break

This is the waiting area

The nurses are well organized

Screening Patients is the first task

The lines were sometimes long

Dr. Jeffey will see plenty of children

Pastor Faigao sets up the sound system

There are many sick children to be seen

Our Banner

This is the building we were working out of

Reylene stayed very busy

Another pic of the building
The Dentist is hard at work

The place was busy most of the day

Even Mayor Adair got involved

The nurses were busy all day

Pastor Faigoa kept the crowd entertained

Dr. Jeffey busy with a family

Dr. Maypa with a family

The Pharmacy stayed busy all day also

Merlyn talking with Mayor Adair

After seeing the doctors the patients line up at the Pharmacy

The Nurses had three lines going for patient assessments

Merilyn kept the chaos in order

The work kept everyone busy

Mayor Adair took time to visit with the staff

There were a lot of children

Most of the children just needed check-ups

The children were quite curious about the happenings

All the babies were cute of course

Families here have a lot of children

The children are a big part of the culture

The dentist worked outside so as to have more light

The dentist had plenty of patients

The people were even lined up outside

Of course there were a lot of mothers with babies

The children were everywhere

They were all looking at the crowds

Then the staff got ready for the surgeries

Dr. Maypa made sure all the preparatons were in place

Nurse Hartwell and Merilyn prepare a patient

Merilyn and Jackie work with a patient

Dr. Jeffey, Hartwell, and others begin the surgeries

The surgeries lasted all afternoon

Merilyn got to learn some new procedures

The Nurses got to take a turn at some of the techniques

Nurse Jackie did most of the circumcisns

The AWA pickup was put to use daily getting water

Roddell keep everything running

Part of the camp

Our dining area

Stella Marie was part of the youth involvement

The youth provided special music for the Crusade

Merilyn teaching the children's Sabbath school

The nurses also provided special music

Pastor Faigao presented the nightly lessons

Inside the Sagpangan Church

Adventist Youth on Sabbath Afternoon

Felicia and Stella Marie during AY

The nurses lead out for AY

They used games to teach lessons

Merilyn, Felicia, and Roddel during the games

Most people got involved

After Sabbath was over we had a social

The games were the center of the evenings events

Mrs. Faigao joined in the festivities

Nollie, one of the Laymen, demonstrated some of the moves

There was fun for all as Taowing joined in as well

Felicia got involved in some of the games too

The little kids had a lot of fun

The seats were emptied for some games

Everyone had a great time

The Faigaos were part of the festivities

Edgar decided to lead out in some of the games

Merilyn, Felicia, Roddel, and Vaughn joined in

Taowing was the main energy for some of the games

Edgar lead out in a lot of the games

Everyone had a great time

The kids were really having fun

Raylene and Roddel were in the middle of all the action

The beach where the baptisms were conducted

One of the bible games that was used during AY

Pastor Faigao even participates

Group sessions during bible studies

Drama program with Roddel

Edgar participated in the drama program

Merilyn, Stella Mari and Felicia took part in the program

The AY youth with special music

Ed and Pastor Faigao give the Sabbath Message

Ed doing the primary duty of audio visual monitor

Pastor Faigao during the evening presentation

Preparing for baptism

Prayer for baptism

8 people were baptised that day

Pastor Faigao performed the baptisms

Several youth along with the adults were baptised

Some were even teenagers

This was such a beautiful setting

It was a beautiful day

Several adults were also baptised

The water was crystal clear

The prayer afterwards