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2010 Tacras

The truck was very full

We had a loaded pickup

We packed them all in

Our Water Source

Mariness also got involved

Lydia Reyes was part of the group

People even used tents to stay there

The church where the lectures were given

One of the lectures

There was a crowd there on the first day

Even the kids got to be a part of the program

There were several women's ministry lecturers there

Mrs. Faigao, the Women's ministry director, made sure the program ran smooth

The view of the school from the road

The class room was used as the kitchen

Everyone had to pitch in to help

Many hands made for light work

All the lecturers in one place

All the ladies took part in the work

They all had a lot of fun

All had their daily tasks to do

Mrs. Faigao gave some of the lectures. All gave thier undivided attention

Merilyn even got involved in the lectures

Pastor Faigao was able to keep the power points going for everyone

Role playing was a big part of the lectures

Merilyn watches as they perform their part

The performed many different scenarios

The children were involved also

Many lessons where learned through the role playing

Pastor Faigao looks on as the team performs

Some of the roles were quite involved

The seniors got involved

The daughters were part of it too

Some involved costums

During dinner we would sometimes eat on the porch

Roddel was involved in the activities

Felicia and Stella Maria were also part of it

Jackie Laplana and Dr. Maypa headed the Medical team

Ed and Pastor Faigao enjoy the meal

Mrs. Faigao enjoys her dinner

All the ladies practice for special music

The piano accompaniment was beautiful

Somebody had to stay close to mom

Everyone paid close attention during the Friday vespers service

During Vespers service the awards and deplomas would be presented

The place was packed wall to wall

Mrs. Faigoa and Mrs. Andoy on the platform

Pastor Andoy speaking to a packed house

All the ladies on stage for the graduation

They even sang a special number

The kids even had a good time

All the diplomas were presented

Pastor Andoy and Pastor Faigao join the graduates and lecturers

Soon it was time for the Festival

There were many varied games that the kids loved

Kids and adults played together

Pastor Faigao led out the games
The kids had a great time

Merilyn got to join in

The games used common items around the house

The games also involved team work

The games involved working with both young and old
Everyone got involved

All the ladies worked together

Then they had team competitoins

Sometimes it was the youth who really got involved

Everyone really tried hard to do the assigned task

Felicia and Stella Marie enjoyed the marching