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Philippines Project Overview

    Adventist World Aviation Foundation (AWAF) is a non-profit organization incorporated and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines. The sole purpose of the organization is to facilitate the Great Commission of Mathew 28. AWAF is to provide safe, rapid, efficient, and on going aviation, communication, and logistical support to our customers. This is accomplished by providing aviation, communication, and logistical support to frontier missionaries, bible workers, pastors, conference employees, medical personnel, and patients. AWAF does not exist to provide transportation support to any one individual, organization, or mission.


    By strategic positioning personnel, equipment, and materials, the organization can support the work throughout the entire country of the Philippines. A strong base of operations in Sagpangan, Aborlan, Palawan will facilitate maintenance, management, and training to accomplish our goals. Eventually, through the blessings of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit, will train, disciple, and deploy aviation gifted personnel to other parts of Asia.