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Read about what AWA's volunteers are already doing in the field.
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There are several ways you may volunteer:

Short term - 2 years or less this includes student missionaries, construction, medical and dental, Bible workers, and etc.

Long term - career missionaries (usually lasts until the project is completed).

And you don't have to go overseas to do so:

The Alaska project needs missionaries and the home office needs volunteers to better serve our missionaries overseas. Supporting our missionaries and projects is a daunting task and there are few that would commit to it. Please keep us in your prayers.

                              Training Information for Missionary Pilots:
(This information is listed on the International Association of Mission Aviation (IAMA) website and is a good place to start. Then call or Email us.)
                              What Does it Take?                              
Training Advise for PIlots
Why an A&P?

At the present time please send us an email with your request to

We have a high volume of emails, so please be patient.