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Alaska Project Overview


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    The Alaska Conference of Seventh-day Adventists has embarked on a pastoral visitation program with the goal of ministering to every Native American household in the state of Alaska. The population density, distances traveled, minimal road-based transportation infrastructure, and basic needs of the residents of Alaska necessitate air transportation.

    Currently, the Alaska Conference leases two Cessna 180’s, one Piper PA-32, and a Mooney M20F. These aircraft are employee-owned and may not always be available to provide the reliable transportation vital to the ministry of the Alaska Conference.

Short Term Aviation Goal

    In response to a request from Elder Jim Kincaid, Executive Secretary and Chief Pilot, Alaska Conference, this proposal outlines a plan for acquisition, refurbishment and lease of an Adventist World Aviation (AWA) aircraft to the Alaska Conference.

Long Term Aviation Goal

    To develop a pool of aircraft suited to a variety of missions and conditions, including weather, speed, seating capacity and useful load so that travel schedules, safety and cost are effectively managed. Eventually, an “all-weather” light twin for servicing offshore mission sites will be added to the fleet.

Adventist World Aviation

    In recognition of the urgency of the gospel commission, AWA exists to provide aviation, and related communications and logistical support, primarily to the Seventh-day Adventist Church in its mission programs in remote parts of the world.

    The purpose of AWA is to own, operate, manage and maintain aircraft in support of the mission activities of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and supporting ministries in remote areas of the world in order to optimize the use of time, money and other resources.