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AWA-CA website is down, but you can contact them through it or facebook. 

www.awa-ca.org (use Mozilla FireFox to view-fixing problem with Internet Explorer) 

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AWA-CA's plane just arrived!

This was a high point of Jay Kettleson's career at MBA as the Cheetah landed at MBA yesterday afternoon. Many thanks are owed our fine Father for blessing us with such wonderful volunteers. Men who's God given talent, intellect, and desire to serve shine ever so bright but never brighter than when they are teaching a young pilot such as Jonathan Gregory. This photo was taken at the arrival of Dave Hardinger and Jonathan after their 28 hour cross country from Wisconsin to CA66 at MBA. The plane will be hangered for now at nearby Marina until such time we get our conference blessing (insurance) to operate from MBA.

Thank you AWA for your inspiration, time, and example of persistence in furthering the opportunity of our young people to learn
and fill the need of mission aviation.