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2010-Nov. New Reality International Dental Team

The Guyana Team flew in a New Reality International (NRI) Dental Team from Canada for a week. Some pictures below. Or on facebook NRI page

Sabbath, November 6th: Jud said, "Dental team arriving tomorrow, it will take five plane loads of passengers and supplies
including local medical personnel into the village to set up for seeing patients tomorrow afternoon.

Laura said, " Flew most of the day today shuttling cargo and people and Jud did the same from another direction in another
plane, while Bill and Karen were each busy on the ground taking care of stuff (we have a dental team here from Canada).
It was all great team work!

It was a great success! Check out the Winter Flight Log!

New Reality International team waiting at a river: Anthony Berdan, Jonathan Visscher, Shannon Robinson, Laila and Joel Mickelwait, and Mandy Mortensen.

Shannon Marie Robinson and patient.

Jud Wickwire (nearest the plane) greets the team at the airport to shuttle the team to their destinations.

Patients waiting to see the dentists.

The team works on a child.