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2011 Zuko Mbewu
We would like to welcome Zuko to the Wings for Humanity Guyana team, he arrived on Tuesday after a 36 hour series of flights from Johannesburg South Africa, he is just now returning to full lucidity after that endurance test.  Zuko is a student pilot with ambitions toward mission aviation, he also comes with some great music, ministry and language skills and we are very pleased to have him with us.
  Zuko Mbewu in the Cessna 206 on a flight in Guyana.

A Talent and a Passion
by Zuko Mbewu
I was born in the city of Umtata, South Africa on October 3, 1983 and I had my first visit to the airport when I was almost two years old. I can still remember the types of aircraft I saw at K D Matanzima Airport (FAUT) that day; everything from Cessana 172s to military C-130 Hercules and Grand Caravans, and ever since I have had an unquenchable thirst and passion for aviation. As a kid I could be found at home sitting up on a tree pretending I was flying rescue missions on a Bell 206, and as a young adult I have sought to leave the tree alone and to fly the real thing. For the last seven years I have been knocking keenly on the doors of various national and regional carrier’s cadet programs without success, and I was then encouraged to take myself through flight school.  I got halfway through at least by the grace of God, and currently hold a student license. 

 Zuko sharing his musical talents with church members.  
     My intense passion for service, evangelism, and adventure met my love for flying in 2008 through a friend from church who introduced me to MAF, and initially I looked to serve with MAFSA from their Lanseria base in Johannesburg, but as time went on I was convinced that It would be better for me to serve the Lord, and to serve my church with the talents that God has given me. Soon the merger of all these passions together with Aviation led me to seek a wing that would be affiliated to the church, and through the internet and Facebook, God led me to discover AWA and meet Jud Wickwire. Jud seeing my passion for Mission Aviation and sharing my vision with him, he then invited me over to explore this passion even further. I guess I want to be become a mission pilot because there is no doubt in my mind that it is God’s will that I serve his cause this way. God closed the doors into the airlines back home so that I could leave my home, lovely, prosperous country and my beloved Johannesburg to discover abundant living as promised in John 10:10 where people need God’s intervention the most. I have now spent a little over a month here in Guyana and I am already talking about coming back to serve here once I have been able to complete my flight training by faith.