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Berong Berong

Ranny DeVira leading the evening meetings

Ranny addressing the team members before the meetings

One of the Dental Patients

The crowd at the evening meetings gathering

Rolley Reyes addresses come of the team members

Ed looks for a place to settle in for the meeting

 Wendy and Ed planning some of the transportation for the other outreaches

Wendy, JoJo, Joy Joy, and Junel getting ready for the meeting

Dr. Joandel, Auntie Fely, and Mrs. Bermudis with some of the other team members

Some of the Muslim and Berong Berong church members worshiping together

Rolley, Jun Jun, and Jo Jo helping the dentist, Dr. Cabaluna

The cooks preparing our dinner, great food!

Pastor Bemudis, Ed, and the Brookes Point Pastor

The Brookes Point youth presenting special music

Team members having dinner

Team members unloading from the pickup at the Palawan Adventist Mission Training Center

Some of the team members gathering for Prayer

Loading up the truck for the meeting

All the team members gathered together