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Oring Oring

The crowd starts to gather at the Eye Doctors station

Everyone loading up for the medical outreach

The AWA pickup at work again

People start to gather at the registration station

Rolley gets everyone ready for the health lecture

Some of the kids watching through the window

Wendy, Samantha and John working with patients

Dr. Loida with a Patient

Tonya working the pharmacy table

Ranny and Danny talking to the village children

Dr. Estrobo and Merilyn working with some of the patients

Jo Jo and Mrs Bermudis waiting to counsel people on New Start

Joy Joy, Millie, and Rolley registering patients

The medical clinic set up in the Barangay hall

Children looking through the window

People lined up to be registered

Millie organizing the villagers

People waiting to be seen

Dr. Estrobo examing a patient

The Barangay Captain