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NRI Apr. 2011 Outreach

  Docked at the Village of Yarakita

April 2011, NRI Dental Team is back to work along the rivers.

 The construction team left on Friday the 15th and the Dentists arrived the same day for a 10 day visit.  While the last 3 1/2 weeks have been incredibly busy they have also been hugely successful and rewarding.  The construction project required the advance logistics of transportation, meals and most importantly materials while the dental team required local licensing approval and a planned schedule of villages to visit along with the transportation and meals,  everything had to be carefully balanced so as not to get too much weight in the boat.  In the end we chose 10 communities to visit, one by vehicle and the rest by boat, one on the ocean and eight on the network of rivers that spread out from Mabaruma like a spiders web.  The team worked in cooperation with the Dentex and local Community Health Care workers to notify and organize the patients for our expected time of arrival, in all the team saw 247 patients and extracted 441 teeth that were causing pain.  The dental team was organized by New Reality International, this is the second visit put together by this organization and we look forward to working with them again soon.  In all we traveled nearly 400 miles on the river, saw 247 patients and extracted 441 painful teeth.


New Reality Dental Team: Debra Matson Visscher and Joel Mickelwait, and (not shown) Pamela Mickelwiat.  Debra Matson Visscher and Karen Wickwire work on patients.
Patients waiting room. Children waiting.

Day six of the NRI dental team tour of the Guyana river villages, about 90 miles today for the daily commute for a cumulative total of about 300. Thanks to the Wickwires and Wings For Humanity for making this happen!

In a jungle setting you need work where the people are--Joel Mickelwait works on a patient in the boat at one of the village docks.  Trays set up to use for patients.

 Zach works with the team.  Time for some instructions



People traveling on the river.   Debra Matson Visscher and Joel Mickelwait.
 Karen Wickwire and Pamela Mickelwait work on a patient   Boys at the dock of one of the villages