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Pathfinder Camporee
August 10 - 14 2004

Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Adventist World Aviation will be at the camporee with a host of activities and events. All Pathfinders with an interest in aviation or missions are invited to participate. Pathfinders who complete one activity from each of the three categories will receive a patch and certificate!



1. Introduction to Missionary Aviation *

Learn about the unreached people groups of the world, where they are, their culture and the difficulties associated with getting people and supplies to them.

Hear stories from mission pilots. Every pilot has a story. Mission pilots fly some of the most difficult operations possible. Hear a few of the stories about reaching God's people in the most far-flung parts of the world.

Learn how you can get involved. Missionary Aviation is an extremely important and necessary part in spreading the Gospel of salvation. We need dedicated skilled aviators and support personnel. Learn about mission trips and Brigade Air Missionary Aviation Summer Camps. See if God is leading you to become involved in Missionary Aviation.

*Please note: This group activity is conducted as a complete set (scheduled on the hour).


2. Mission Aviation Technology

Paper Pilot's Program -   The history of flight includes more than just airplanes! In the early days of flight, experiments were conducted with kites, balloons and autogyros. In this activity, Pathfinders will build and fly paper models of various types aircraft and gain an understanding of various aspects of flight. Suitable for Pathfinders of all ages!

Wing Rib Construction -   All airplanes need ribs in their wings to give them the special shape they need to fly. Learn the principle parts of an airplane wing rib, build one and take it home with you! Suitable for Pathfinders of all ages!

Project Air Power Pathfinder Plane -   During the 1999 Pathfinder Camporee at Oshkosh, Pathfinders helped to assemble this very airplane. It has been to Guyana and will be returning there next year. Before it goes back to the field the Pathfinder plane needs an interior and other equipment. Here is your opportunity to work on God's airplane! Help mechanics install a new interior, Directional Gyro in the instrument panel, and a Lift Reserve Indicator which tells the pilot when the wing is flying. 

Please note: Pathfinders need to choose ONE of the activities in this group (scheduled on the hour).


3. Missionary Aviation Flight

Young Eagle's and AWA -   The Experimental Aircraft Association has long had a program to introduce young people to flying. Specifically aimed at young adults, the Young Eagle's program provides an opportunity for Pathfinders at the camporee to go for a flight in a real aircraft and have a brief look at the camporee from the air. Before you go, you will be briefed by a mission pilot on what to expect and see. He/she will also help you get strapped in and comfortable, and give you some pointers that will help you enjoy the flight even more. They will also be there when you come back to see that you get safely out and answer any questions you might have. Suitable for all ages. (Scheduled on the hour)

EAA Formation Flight with AWA -   Pathfinders will fly a PC Flight Simulator and be given instruction by a real pilot. This is more than just computer gaming. You'll come away with a better understanding of airplanes and flying. You will be able to use Microsoft Flight Simulator so you can continue the learning process at home! Suitable for all Pathfinders (Scheduled every two hours).

EAA Operation Aviation with AWA -  In this activity, Pathfinders will be formed into 4-person crews and will fly a simulated disaster relief flight.  Each crew will plan the flight, load the aircraft and then fly critically needed relief supplies to earthquake victims! This activity will provide insight into disaster relief operations and practical application of pilot skills. Due to the advanced nature and the need for cohesive teamwork, participation is limited to ages 15 years and up (Scheduled every two hours). 

*Please note: Pathfinders need to choose ONE of the activities in this group


Instructions for Pre-Registration

Parental or legal guardian consent is necessary to participate in two of the activities. The Young Eagle's Flight involves an airplane ride. Working on the Pathfinder airplane involves hand and maybe power tools. While the very best care and attention to safety can be assured, the potential for injury still remains. For those not comfortable with the related risks, you may wish to choose the activities not involving flight and hand tools. 

Pre-Registrations must arrive at our office by Wednesday August 4th. You may also register at the camporee. Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis so sign up now!

1. Please download these four documents.

InstructionsActivity SelectionConsent Form



 3. Obtain your parent/legal guardian's signature

4. Mail or fax the completed forms to:

Adventist World Aviation, PO Box 251, Berrien Springs, MI 49103-0251

Fax: 269-471-4049

5. Upon arrival at the Camporee, please check in at AWA's Booth in Building A, space 1024 to receive instructions on where to go for each activity.

6. Have fun learning about Missionary Aviation!

2. Fill out the forms